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The Truck Adventure Begins

Everything begins with a first step - ours started with the Heavy Duty Truck Rally in Kansas. Then lots of research and questions as we dove into this world that we never knew existed. We contracted with a custom truck company in Fort Worth, Texas in Spring (link below) and we were on our way. I admit, I was optimistic on the time frame. Starting in February, that truck was going to be customized and singled out with one rear axle by May! But I learned quickly that when you want something customized, you don't hurry the process. These professionals are artists and take tremendous pride in their work and craftsmanship. And you add on the fact that we (Jamie and I) are learning as we go, making changes and additions as we connect more and more with the Heavy Duty Truck community.

If you want quality work, with warranties, you need to be patient and you also need to trust your builder. You can see photo updates under the gallery heading and go to 'Truck Build' - its been an exciting journey to visit Texas Custom Coachworks in Fort Worth to view the progress. We are anticipating driving the truck to California around mid to end September. Now, having this truck in California is another whole story (and as a resident for at least a couple more years) - more to come as we work out that saga!

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