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Patience is a Virtue

We are at single digit weeks until we get our truck and trailer together! While excited, some of the challenges are becoming more real, so we know we still have some hurdles, but we will work through it. I tell people that there is not a book on this stuff, or a catalog where you just choose what you want and it comes in the mail!

Jamie has been in Concordia, Missouri, working on the Trailer Build with Marsha Trautman and Wyatt of Spacecraft. They have been amazing to work with and our 'trailer home' is very close to being finished. Likely, it will be completed, including 'paint', by mid January. I still have to work out how to get it to California!

The Dawg Haus is nearing completion, and I will go get it Dec 18, and drive it to Cali a week later. I have to work through the registration piece, but am getting some help on that process through our truck builder, Texas Custom Coachworks. They have some contacts in San Diego, so that will be the first town I drive to, to figure this out. More to come on that part of the journey! Check out the new pics on both the Trailer Build and the Truck Build!

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